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Design & Engineering
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At VCI Springs we use an integrated computer spring design and quotation package that are part of an overall computer enhanced office environment. Our system provides consistent data for design verification, pricing, order processing and scheduling.

We offer complete engineering and design services. We can manufacture from sample spring or blue-print. We offer exact replacement, but can also modify a design to suit your needs. Design modifications include:
» raising or lowering nominal load heights
» increasing or decreasing load ratings or spring-rate
» redesign to reduce stresses, increase spring life and improve performance
Design of spring starts with understanding of customer’s needs. These needs are considered by us and are integrated in to the design of each particular prototype spring.
Good spring design depends upon many factors in addition to dimensional and load requirements. One factor is environment. How hot or cold will it be? Will the spring be exposed to corrosion? Another is required life. How long must the spring survive without breaking or experiencing excessive permanent set? After considering all the factors that could affect performance, we can design a spring that will give the greatest possible value to the spring user.
Highly qualified engineers work on spring calculations to obtain the desired results and help our customers to choose adequate material. We are supported by exclusive design software to design customized springs. We also offer custom designs where critical dimensions and work-loads are known.
In addition to design engineering services we have a fully equipped Special Order Department to handle R&D, specialty items or prototypes.
We have good equipped prototyping department with experienced employees who are capable to make springs in small quantities.

We have Merwede make [Holland] CNC spring coiling machines for prototype / small quantities. We also have a team of highly skilled hand spring makers for complex small volume components.
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We even develop springs with reverse engineering process. Most of our customers import springs from their collaborators / licensed principals, who will not have any drawing or specifications. We design and develop drawing for such type of springs and supply prototype springs and after their approval, we supply bulk quantity springs to them. We manufacture these small quantity springs with customer specified materials only. We develop an exact replica spring to your original sample spring. We doesn’t deviate any parameter including raw material.
Small order specialists for all your industrial & engineering springs requirements.
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