Celebrating 25 Years
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At VCI Springs we manufacture precision mechanical springs, wire and strip forms and light stampings in the following range:
» Compression and Extension Springs: Up to 50 mm dia wire/rod
» Torsion Springs: Up to 20 mm dia wire
» Strip parts (Flat / Leaf springs) : Up to 10.0 mm thick material
We manufacture springs in any material requested, from stainless to heat-proof, in non-ferrous metal or with covered surface. Whether small batch production or larger quantities our machinery and an extensive material stock ensure quick production according to your requirements.
We manufacture prototypes, single pieces and small to large-scale production with wire and rod diameters between 0.20 and 50.0 mm.
We manufacture compression and tension springs in all spring materials and special alloys in the most varying dimensions, shapes and final qualities. No matter if cylindric, conical or double conical spring bodies, with linear or progressive gradient, a variety of spring making machines are available to cater your needs.
We manufacture twist and torsion springs in the most varying dimensions, shapes and final qualities. Practically no limits are set with respect to the combination of turns, legs and shapes.
We have capacity to coil and grind compression springs and coil extension springs in volume on fully automatic/semi automatic machines from 0.20 mm to 20.0mm dia wire. We also have Hot coiling Facilities (Hyperlink to Hot coiling Facilities page) up to 50.0 mm wire/Rod diameter.
Springs for Aerospace
VCIsprings is a world-class manufacturer of precision springs for aerospace, defence and commercial markets. We make springs from all standard ferrous and non-ferrous spring materials. We have in-depth design and manufacturing capabilities.
We have the capability of providing spring and wire form solutions for nearly all aerospace needs. Our in house calibrated ovens are capable of 1000° C. So we can age or stress relieve or heat treat to ASTM/BS or customer required standards. If testing is required, we have in-house load test and fatigue test equipment to cater your needs.
Springs with Certified Raw Materials for Aerospace sector
Our raw material suppliers for aerospace springs are from European and North American countries and are certified by major aircraft manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Airbus, Raytheon Aircraft, GKN Westland Helicopters, CAA (civil aviation authority), etc. All our springs are accompanied with steel mill test certificates and if required, we can arrange release notes from the steel wire manufacturer.
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